Think, Think Again, and then ReThink to Relate to Your Prospects

July 1, 2011

If your marketing efforts and sales propositions don’t engage your prospects where they live in their minds, all you’re doing is wasting budget allocations. Remember, no one wants quarter inch drill bits, they want quarter inch holes. Helping a Client Rethink I recently started a client on re-examining his company and services as he tries […]

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A Lowest Price Guarantee You Can Believe

December 6, 2010

People will relate to an honest guarantee. It is brilliant and profound Relevance Marketing to give them an effective and believable lowest price guarantee, if you can – one they can know gives them the lowest price without any work on their part. In most cases we know even though the company “says” they’ll beat […]

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McDonalds Connects with a Relevant Commercial

September 15, 2010

It is hard to make a TV commercial that everyone can identify with, but not impossible. McDonalds has nailed it with a morning commercial: A woman in a minivan pulls up to a drive-in window. She says, “I’ll have an Egg McMuffin, coffee, and…” starts to order for her little boy and girl in the […]

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Create a New Niche or Be a Compromise Product

August 18, 2010

The Windows arena could use a Media Rockstar. Just like the old joke, a camel was a horse designed by a committee, there is little praise by a reviewer’s comments when he or she calls a new device a “Design Compromise.” And yet, a product that fills an “in-between” can be a major success. Netbooks […]

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Relevance in Bawdy, Not Quite Co-Marketing

August 17, 2010

The PGA Championship played at the Whistling Straits course in Haven, WI this past week and weekend. Those attending universally declared that the unusual heat and humidity for the area did not dampen the fact that some of history’s best golf was played. Wisconsin Tourism proclaimed in advance that the state would accrue $80 million […]

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A Marketing Message Extremely Not About You

August 6, 2010

You have to really, truly, EXTREMELY “don’t sell” when you are trying to gain the ear of your prospects. It’s your best hope they will relate to your message. I’m talking about “Don’t Sell” to the Extreme. Prospects don’t relate to being sold. They are even onto our efforts to “not sell them but help […]

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Jewelry Ad Uses Relevance Marketing for Brilliant Differentiation

August 3, 2010

I’ve admired for years the advertising of the Milwaukee area jeweler, Kessler’s Fine Diamonds. The owner Richard Kessler performs in his own radio ads, and in his own way he’s as good as Lee Iacocca was at Chrysler. Where as most jewelry advertising emphasizes low prices and uses the word quality as a cliche, Kessler’s […]

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Relevance and the Spur of the Moment Add-on Purchase

May 10, 2010

In most cases there are profit opportunities you can add to any purchase a customer makes. You can enhance this success and even create new add-on possibilities using Relevance Marketing. B-2-C Add-on Purchases I picked up an amazing fact at the NARMS Conference a couple of weeks ago: 20% of Grocery Store Purchases are Responses […]

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The Two Faces of Facebook

April 28, 2010

Is Facebook two different sides of the same coin, or is it two different entities evolving within the same website? I see it as two sites existing in one framework and domain name. It is defined by two different user types: • The Facebook-Generation – those who discovered Facebook while in school, be it college […]

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What B-2-B Can Learn From Wal-Mart Marketing

April 23, 2010

Notice, I will talk about what B-2-B can learn from Mal-Mart Marketing, not just from the company Wal-Mart. There is a difference in this case. Earlier this week I attended the NARMS Conference in Tampa. NARMS stands for the National Association for Retail Marketing Services, and they are to be congratulated for stating what their […]

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