A Relevance Marketing Birthday Rant

by TedV

Yesterday I hit the double nickel, 55 years old. I joked that I’d go out first thing and order a senior coffee from McDonald’s, but didn’t. Instead, I experienced one of the most important basics in Relevance Marketing — Segmentation — used in direct marketing.

When you segment a mailing list — divide it up into smaller categories such as male/female, profession, education, interests, hobbies, income level, number of family members, age groups, etc. — you now have the primary tools needed to focus very carefully on a relevant message crafted for the individuals in the segment and/or segments.

My favorite failure to segment was a mailer about a hospital’s new birthing center sent to a 63 year old man who’s wife had a hysterectomy in that very same hospital over 25 years before. Digital Printing allowed for personalization throughout starting with “Dear Fred,” so you cannot say this was a mass mailing to all past patients. His wife had been a patient in the hospital more recently than he had. (She did not get a mailer.)

How Proper Segmentation Just Bit Me

Yesterday I received in the mail several birthday cards and one direct mail piece addressed specifically to me.

Hats off to Cedar Glen. They practiced great segmentation, and they were very timely in their marketing efforts revolving around the new demographic I had just entered.

On the day I turned 55 Cedar Glen, an “Affordable High Quality Senior Living” facility, sent me an invitation to come to an informational meeting.

It is entirely too coincidental for this to have just happened on my 55th birthday. They are paying some sort of list provider to receive names and addresses of those entering my new situation.

Don’t get me wrong. I like the idea of assisted senior living facilities, and plan to enter one in 25-30 years. But…

So, well done, Cedar Glen, great Relevance Marketing. And thanks for the reminder that I am not as young as I, in my delusions, like to think I am.

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