A Lowest Price Guarantee You Can Believe

by TedV

People will relate to an honest guarantee. It is brilliant and profound Relevance Marketing to give them an effective and believable lowest price guarantee, if you can – one they can know gives them the lowest price without any work on their part.

In most cases we know even though the company “says” they’ll beat any lower price, the onus will be on us to prove what the lowest price really is in town (or in the country or on the planet), and only then will they give a lower price.

AND YET – If some business could come up with a program where they believably prove their prices the lowest, wouldn’t you at least consider them above all their competitors?

Milwaukee Tire Dealer Richlonn’s Delivers a Guarantee You Can Relate To

With five Greater Milwaukee Area locations, Richlonn’s Tire and Service Center advertises they have the lowest prices on tires – guaranteed. Here’s how you’ll know their tires are the lowest in Milwaukee – They tape to their store windows all their competitors’ advertised sales flyers from the newspaper and the mail.

Tires Are Still Mostly Analog in Our Minds

You probably don’t go to the Internet to decide on what manufacturer of the tires you need when it’s time to buy, and you probably won’t go there to figure out what design or style of tires you need. Most people just want the best price on what’s on the car already, though most nowadays don’t insist on the same brand – you just want the lowest price on the same size and style by ANY name brand manufacturer.

I’m going to need new tires for my car soon – winter’s here in Wisconsin. Normally I’d Google “lowest tire prices in MIlwaukee” or “Milwaukee lowest tire prices.”

Tire Web Opportunity in Milwaukee

Both Google searches above gave me little conclusive on where to buy the lowest priced tires in Milwaukee. Sadly, even Richlonn’s effective and believable lowest price guarantee is missing from it’s website.

It’s been years since I bought tires, and though I think of myself as very digitally aware, the last time I re-shod a car I went through all of the ads from the Sunday paper, made a number of calls to other dealers, and after several hours work I picked a dealer.

This time I’m just driving to the nearest Richlonn’s.

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Paula Lee Bright January 21, 2011 at 10:04 am

DANG! And if I lived there, so would I! Insightful thoughts about the “guarantee” policy that many offer so haphazardly. Good to know that there are still some “good ole places” that still offer the real deal, and stand by it. Great post!

Ted Vinzani January 21, 2011 at 10:49 am

Paula, Thank you for this comment. It just goes to show that regular people want businesses to meet their needs, and therefore they will respond to a marketing message that they can relate to – one that they identify as meaningful.

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