McDonalds Connects with a Relevant Commercial

by TedV

It is hard to make a TV commercial that everyone can identify with, but not impossible.

McDonalds has nailed it with a morning commercial:

A woman in a minivan pulls up to a drive-in window.

She says, “I’ll have an Egg McMuffin, coffee, and…” starts to order for her little boy and girl in the back seat.

“Mom,” the little boy cries, “We’re at the bank!”

The frazzled mother looks up to see the bank teller smile sheepishly at her.

Men in their sixties who have never had children can identify with this woman.

Females who have abandoned the desire for kids and chosen, as is their right, corporate, academic, or governmental careers can identify.

Even most teenagers can identify.

McDonalds advertises for the most part for branding purposes, unless they are introducing a new product. This ad was only about branding.

Branding can hope for no better outcome than the viewers of the message find themselves in that message.

Well done, golden arches.

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