A Pharmaceuticals Company Does Relevance Marketing Right

by TedV

Are you disturbed by the possible side effects stated in prescription drug advertising on television? Well now Wyeth/Amgen goes against that practice by powerfully using a Relevance Marketing approach with their rheumatoid arthritis advertising.

Pharmaceutical ads on the TV quite often traumatize me. In my book listing all possible side effects goes beyond proper decorum. Don’t get me wrong – I don’t want to deny any sufferer of these ills any possible relief, but I’m afraid of some of these pills after their adverts.

My Top Two Terrible Side Effects are:
• one drug possibly causes a skin disease that could lead to death
• a depression treatment lists suicidal tendencies as a possible problem

(Yes, I’m not being fair, but don’t these ads bother you too?)

Relevance Marketing to the Rescue of My Sensibilities

I just saw an ad last night for a website to help those afflicted with rheumatoid arthritis. It talked about a site designed to create a community for sufferers united to help each other, and to provide all types of information to the public. Informing us about this website was the reason for the ad – it didn’t purport to sell anything.

The site is named InsideRA – Education and Motivation for People with Rheumatoid Arthritis.

At first scan I’d probably say an association of rheumatologists sponsors the site, but then at the bottom it mentions Wyeth and Amgen, which are now a part of Pfizer.

This website is all about those burdened with RA, and those who love and/or care for them. It has no appeal to me other than from a marketing perspective, because I don’t have it and don’t know someone who does.

But then again, I’m not a candidate for their drug, so why should they bother saying something to increase my awareness of their little reddish-greenish-brownish pill, or whatever color it is.

That concept is at the core of Relevance Marketing - talk to the prospect about them and forget everyone else. If you can afford television advertising with only a small segment of the listeners as candidates for your product, say something meaningful to them, and forget the rest of us.

Community building and being an information resource are powerful Relevance Marketing tools. Well done Wyeth/Amgen.

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