Boards and Nails – Relevance in Marketing on the Radio

by TedV

Have you thought about radio advertising?

Radio can be an amazingly effective marketing tool. The radio ad salesperson will give you better statistics than a lot of advertising can provide. Do look at it with the proper amount of caution and excitement.

Remember, radio ads are there and then gone forever. They don’t lie around on the coffee table or sideboard like a magazine or newspaper ad. They don’t even have the visual impact of television advertising. Most people listen to the radio while driving, therefore the visual input the listener receives during radio ads distract from the message.

Nowhere is Relevance in Marketing needed quite like in a radio ad.

This summer of 2009 Home Depot has a brilliant series of radio ads, and they are not pointed at the largest majority of those who go to Home Depot to shop. Here’s how my favorite starts:

“If you’re a contractor, four of the most beautiful words you can hear are, ‘I like your quote.’”

The ad then mentions special pricing on …… whatever is special that week.

These are the closing words of the ad:

“This leads to the four best words of all, ‘You’ve got the business.’”

Relevance to Contractors

The total number of contractors in a radio listening audience is a fraction of a percent.

But that’s not the point.

Any contractors listening to this ad perk up right away and forget the zone-out common to broadcast advertising. The statement “If you are a contractor,” makes them say, “Yes, I am a contractor. What do you have for me? Oh, and yes, I love to hear, ‘I like your quote.’”

Then, if the special offering in the ad is a good deal, even if the contractor isn’t looking for that particular item at the moment, they will consider Home Depot for other products they need.

Sideways Relevance to Non-Contractors

Here’s the point.

We rank and file non-contractors will most likely listen in and think, “Wow! They have good prices for contractors, maybe I can get my …… at a low price also.”

The Relevance Reality Factor states that if listeners to your message don’t consider themselves prospects, they won’t listen. Therefore, those in the audience who aren’t contractors and who aren’t involved or at least thinking about a home improvement won’t pay attention either.

Non-contractors thinking about home repairs will perk up and listen, if you capture their attention with a Relevant Message for them. I offer myself as anecdotal evidence of the latter. I’m doing a number of home improvements this summer and these ads caught my attention for this exact reason, and I already consider Home Depot for most purchases of this type. I can’t be the only one out there in the same boat.

The Point for All Small Business Owners and Marketers

This radio message by Home Depot hit a Relevance Point – it was targeted to a specific demographic. In this case it also has a wider appeal, but it was still targeted to a particular small prospect set.

Your ads, brochures, Powerpoint presentations, web pages, and every other message to prospects must apply Relevance in Marketing to be effective; they must target some specific type of prospect.

Speak to someone in particular and you’ll hear, “You’ve got the business.”

Talk to everyone and no one will listen.

If you don’t use Relevance in Marketing in your broadcast advertising, forget it; just save your money.

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